Powder coated steel, stainless steel or solid plastic toilet partitions - direct from Relcross Tel: 01380 729 600
Elite Powder Coated
Elite Stainless Steel
Elite Plus Powder Coated
Elite Plus Stainless Steel
Solid Plastic
Emperor - Corridor
Gladiator - Athletic
Replacement Front
  Locker Specifications
Emperor Lockers
Attractive, permanent and consistent finish
Hadrian's standard corridor lockers feature a double-pan, honeycomb cored door to offer strength, impact resistance, and noise reduction, making it well suited to academic installations
  Hadrian's "Essentials":      
hadrian manufacturing, inc.
  • Single point latching is simple, low maintenance, and secure
  • Full length continuous hinge offers strength and keeps the door adjusted
  • Ventilation is clean, unobstructive, and effective through louvers in frame
  • Ideally designed for schools, workplace, country clubs and more