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A complete specification for Emperor Corridor Lockers or Gladiator Athletic Lockers will consider the available space within the room or corridor and how the lockers will fit its shape, particularly when internal corners are present. In order to achieve the best results Hadrian provides matching or contrasting bases, filler panels and dress ends for an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Emperor Corridor Lockers - How to Order 

Gladiator Athletic Lockers - How to Order       

Hadrian | Lockers - Individual Box Bases | Relcross

Individual Galvanneal Box Bases

Adding extra strength and height to lockers, the versatility of box bases makes them ideal for installations of any size. Bases are 89mm high and recessed 44mm from the locker front to allow for toe space and protection against
    damage from cleaning. 

Continuous Z-Bases

Hadrian’s continuous Z-base is a heavy-duty locker support option. The durable 14-gauge base is anchored directly to the floor and elevates the lockers to 102mm off the ground.
Z-bases create an appealing shadow gap for all floor surfaces.      

Hadrian | Continuous Z-Bases | Relcross

Hadrian | Lockers - Sloping Tops | Relcross

Sloping Tops

The angle of the sloping top prevents the accumulation of debris and discourages users from stacking unsightly clutter above the locker. Standard duty slope tops are 20-gauge, 
    optionally 16-gauge for additional strength.

Recessed Top & Side Trim

For recessed applications this 76mm high trim, for top and side gaps, installs easily. The flat surface of the trim blends with the locker frame for a continuous appearance.    


Hadrian | Lockers - Recessed Top & Side Trim | Relcross

Hadrian | Lockers - Expansion Trim | Relcross

Expansion Trim

Expansion trim is used to close vertical gaps at internal corners.
This trim and the starter trim slide together to present a
    clean, uniform appearance.

Filler Panels

U-shaped filler panels can be installed to cover gaps that exist between two banks of lockers and to cover pipes or other unsightly building elements. Panels are installed from inside the lockers, maintaining a clean exterior with no exposed fasteners.      

Hadrian | Lockers - Filler Panels | Relcross


Hadrian | Lockers - Plenum Panels | Relcross

Plenum Panels

Plenum panels fill gaps between bulkheads and locker tops
(between wall installations). The panels sit flush with the locker
    face and are customized to suit site conditions.

Flat Top Corner Filler

Where lockers meet in a corner and a slope top is not used, Hadrian’s 610mm x 610mm flat top corner filler can be cut to suit and installed to cover the gap in the corner, preventing an accumulation of debris.      

Hadrian | Lockers - Flat Top Corner Filler | Relcross

Hadrian | Lockers - Dress Ends | Relcross

Dress Ends

Dress end panels can be added to locker sides to eliminate exposed fasteners and present a clean, uniform appearance. Dress ends can be painted to match the locker frame colour
    and are easily installed with a locking strip.


A secure valuables drawer with key lock is an available option for most units. Essential for lockers in exposed public areas or where additional security is a priority.      


Embossed Bottom Shelf w. Drain Holes

For wet areas, Hadrian’s diagonally embossed bottom shelf with
    drain holes allows water to drain from the locker. 

Number Plates

Hadrian’s standard number plate design is durable black plastic. Aluminium number plates are available optionally. Master keyed locker locks will be assigned numbers and so it is important to plan this aspect of your specification carefully.   

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