Hadrian UK Provides Elite Stainless Steel Systems
with Visual Contrast at Doors & Indicators

One of the principal issues raised by AD M (The Approved Document M – Access to and Use of Buildings) addresses problems encountered by the visually impaired at doors and in washrooms. Specifically, approved Document M recommends, for partially-sighted persons, that a difference in light reflectance between two surfaces of 30 points (on a scale where 0 is black and 100 is white) will give adequate visual contrast. A difference of 15 points between standard door furniture and doors is acceptable for 3-D forms of the furniture. However, indicator bolts do not provide the necessary depth of structure and so we must ensure we provide a suitably stark visual contrast.

BS 8300: 6.5.1 note 2 refers.

Hadrian UK | Elite Stainless Steel Overhead Braced

To accommodate this requirement - for a long standing corporate client wishing to use the Elite Stainless Steel system- Hadrian UK has developed a bespoke solution using custom sightline stops and indicators/turns - powder coated black (RAL 9005).

Hadrian's design essentials withstand knocks and wear and include stainless steel wrap around hinges, anti-grip headrail and concealed latches for clean, easy maintenance and modern styling as well as resistance to casual vandalism.

Comparable to composite and phenolic type toilet cubicles, stainless steel is a cost effective option. Stainless steel achieves an upscale look and outstanding performance
at an affordable price point. Why not let us offer you a quotation - no project is too small? You may be pleasantly surprised.

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