Hadrian UK Provides Clean & Tidy Washrooms

At Hadrian UK we believe strongly that the provision of hygienic, smart & effective washroom facilities in the public arena, e.g. hospitals, education, transport, leisure and other commercial settings is an absolute minimum requirement.  Well maintained, clean & tidy public toilets are treated with much greater respect and care than would be the case otherwise. First impressions count for a great deal and washrooms are often used as the barometer in this respect. Hadrian UK provides easy to clean & maintain cubicles from its Elite, Elite Plus & Solid Plastic ranges - ensuring standards are upheld with minimal effort.

Hadrian | Elite Powder Coated | RelcrossAlongside a beautiful brushed stainless steel option, the Elite range from Hadrian UK comprises powder coated toilet cubicles and partitions supplied to match any RAL colour and just about any design scheme, with good looks to last a lifetime. Exciting visual appeal does not come at the cost of durability. Hadrian UK's cubicles are robust enough to withstand the knocks and general wear of the most demanding environments -  with built-in fire resistance, exceptional corrosion resistance and, where required at the specification stage, special anti-graffiti powder coated finishes.  Hadrian’s proven ASTM D6578 graffiti resistance system provides excellent defence against unsightly graffiti. The special finish allows the quick and easy removal of graffiti without damaging the colour or lustre of the original finish. It is not a secondary coating that will wear off over time, but instead is integral to the powder coating. Careful cleaning restores cubicles to their original smart appearance without ghosting or dulling.

Hadrian's design essentials withstand knocks and wear and include stainless steel wrap around hinges, anti-grip headrail and concealed latches for clean, easy maintenance and modern styling as well as resistance to casual vandalism. 

For further information on Hadrian Toilet Cubicles and Hadrian Lockers, call Hadrian UK (Relcross Ltd) on 01380 729600, visit www.hadrian-cubicles.co.uk or email sales@relcross.co.uk.