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Attractive, Effective & Secure Storage

The clean lines, durability and quiet operation of Emperor Corridor Lockers make them the ideal choice for virtually any facility. Available in a wide range of sizes, tiers and designer colours, Emperor Corridor Lockers are an attractive effective and secure storage solution. The modular design with multiple trim options provides a flexible solution to fill just about any space. 

Outstanding Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is an important consideration for any public space. Hadrian’s powder coated metal lockers are completely fireproof and will not give off toxic smoke if exposed
to heat or flame.

Hadrian | Emperor Corridor Lockers | RelcrossFactory Powder Coated - Colour Card

Accessories & Upgrades

Whisper Quiet

The rigid construction and honeycomb silence zones in Emperor Corridor Lockers make them the quietest lockers available. Busy school corridors are loud enough without your lockers contributing to the noise!

Unique Venting Design

The intelligent and unobtrusive frame venting design of Emperor Corridor Lockers allows for a clean, attractive door surface that is unblemished by vents, which are common
in other designs.

Minimal Maintenance

With a full length continuous hinge that always stays properly adjusted and a trouble-free single-point latch system, Emperor Corridor Lockers are virtually maintenance free.

Hadrian | Emperor Lockers - Friction Latch Padlocks | Relcross
*Friction latch lockers are secured using padlocks.
Friction Latch System*

Friction Latch is Hadrian’s default latch system. With no moving parts, the friction latch system ensures that doors remain adjusted and trouble-free.

Durable Powder Coated Finish

Powder coating outperforms other paint processes by applying a hard, even and run-free finish, standard on all Hadrian lockers. Doors and frames may be two-toned
at no extra charge.

Hadrian | Emperor Lockers - Combination Locks | RelcrossSpringbolt & Deadbolt versions are available.

Integral Combination Latch System

Hadrian’s Integral Combination Latch provides a secure
and stylish latch area. We use Master Lock
products on all installations. 

Rigid Door Construction

Doors feature a full 25mm thick double pan welded box design for improved rigidity and durability. Cell honeycomb is used for added impact resistance and silence when closing.

Hadrian | Emperor Lockers - Friction Latch Padlocks | Relcross
**Positive latch lockers are secured using padlocks. Only available with certain Emperor Corridor Lockers
Positive Latch System**

The positive latch hasp is located within a recessed, extruded aluminium lock pocket for a clean, uncluttered appearance. Restrictions apply.

Full Height Continuous Hinges

This standard feature adds strength and durability, keeping the door squarely adjusted, ensuring it closes neatly into
the frame every time.

How to Order

Hadrian | Emeperor Lockers - How to Order | Relcross

A comprehensive guide to Layouts, Tiers,
Locking Options & Accessories.


Rust Resistance & Upgrades

Powder coated cold rolled steel outperforms and resists rust better than liquid painted electro-galvanized steel. For the ultimate in rust resistant lockers, Hadrian’s upcharge
option features a full galvanneal product with
our superior powder coated finish.

Thicker paint application helps to combat rust. Powder coating allows for a greater paint thickness to be applied without compromising surface uniformity. Wet paints simply cannot achieve the same thickness without the threat of unsightly runs and surface irregularities.

Straightforward Installation

Hadrian’s unique 64mm deep frame gives installers more room to work. Identically formed and rigid 22-gauge locker tops, hat shelves and bottom shelves are fully interchangeable. Installers have a choice of rivets or nuts & screws for assembly. Rivets offer extra strength and a tamper-proof fastening solution, saving time on installation.


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