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Public washroom and locker room environments will be potential targets for graffiti at all times. Protect your investment and keep problem areas pristine with Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers. Hadrian is proud of the fact that its powder coating system is environmentally friendly. There is virtually no waste, energy consumption is low, and there are no solvent emissions.

Hadrian | Anti-Graffiti Powder Coat | Relcross

Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers accommodate the use of commercially available graffiti removal preparations to eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the original finish. The powder coating retains its original brilliance without ghosting.
Hadrian’s graffiti solution is not a secondary coating that will wear off over time. Graffiti resistant properties are built in to the durable powder coated finish, ensuring easy maintenance and long lasting effectiveness.

Although Hadrian’s anti-graffiti powder coating has been proven to perform exceptionally well, Hadrian cannot guarantee complete removal in all situations due to varying environmental and application conditions. For best results, Hadrian’s maintenance procedure should be followed regularly and graffiti should be dealt with as soon as possible after discovery.


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