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Beautiful & Durable Stainless Steel

Washrooms will be closely scrutinised by all who use them and first impressions are vital, especially in public areas such as nightclubs, retail outlets and leisure facilities. The appearance of the restroom and its associated facilities can make or break a customer’s opinion of the whole enterprise. Stainless steel is a natural choice for businesses, especially in environmentally sensitive projects. It is 100% recyclable and, if properly maintained, it will retain its original sheen and 'just installed' appearance for many years. 

Industry Best Fire Resistance

Hadrian’s stainless steel toilet partitions are completely fireproof and will not give off toxic smoke if exposed to heat or flame. Fire resistance is a critical requirement of most building codes and no other product performs better.

Hadrian | Stainless Steel Toilet Cubicles | Relcross
On Time Delivery

Hadrian leads the industry with fast lead times and in-stock material. We keep stainless steel headrail braced materials in stock in the UK for a fast turnaround. 

Cost Effective

Comparable to composite and phenolic type toilet cubicles, stainless steel is a cost effective option. Stainless steel achieves an upscale look and outstanding performance
at an affordable price point. Why not let us offer you a quotation - no project is too small?
You may be pleasantly surprised.

Straightforward Installation

Lighter material and pre-drilled pilasters mean only one installer is required.
Every part will be labelled and cross-referenced to shop drawings to ensure your installation goes without a hitch.
We have a technical help desk should problems occur during installation - 01380 729600.

Elite, Elite Plus & Elite Max Toilet Cubicles - Max' Privacy

With extended doors and panels mounted closer to the floor, Elite, Elite Plus and Elite Max toilet cubicles deliver the ultimate in privacy by using full height continuous channels and Hadrian’s unique 'No-Sightline Solution' to completely eliminate all sightline gaps.

Elite - 1626mm high doors and panels, mounted just 152mm or 229mm (floor mounted 229mm only) above the floor. Available in headrail braced, ceiling hung, floor mounted and floor to ceiling styles.

Elite Plus - 1829mm high doors and panels, mounted just 152mm  above the floor. Available in headrail braced, ceiling hung and floor to ceiling styles.

Elite Max - 2337mm high doors and panels, mounted just 152mm above the floor. Available in headrail braced* and floor to ceiling styles.

*Optionally available w. pedestal at only 102mm gap.

Design Essentials

Mounting Options

Privacy Screens

 On time deliveries
Elite Stainless Steel Systems are often available from stock

Secure, Concealed Hardware

Hadrian’s hinges and latches are set within the thickness of the door, for sanitary, easy maintenance and modern styling. Hadrian’s metal partitions hold fasteners better than other substrates. Red/Green Indicators with accessible turns are standard on all Elite & Elite Plus
doors - secured with pin-Torx screws.  

Hadrian | Elite Headrail Braced - Stainless Steel | Relcross

Hadrian | Elite Enhanced Privacy - Embossed Stainless Steel | Relcross


#4 Brushed Stainless Steel

Hadrian’s type 304, #4 brushed stainless steel promotes a hygienic environment while offering excellent corrosion resistance and a clean, modern appearance.

Hybrid Stainless Steel

Bringing together #4 Brushed and Embossed Stainless Steel finishes. Hybrid stainless steel compartments feature an embossed interior for increased protection against vandalism
and a #4 brushed finish on the exterior to maintain a clean,
smooth appearance on the outside.

Embossed Stainless Steel

The unique textured pattern of embossed stainless steel offers added protection
against abrasions, smudges and fingerprints.


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